Pie Finder Competition


All the cards are placed face down on the table in a grid 9 cards wide by 8 tall. Determine a random starting player. Choose how many pies wins the game from 3 (short game) to 7 (long game).


On a player’s turn they must flip over any one card, revealing it to the table. They can then choose a second card, flipping it over and revealing it to the table. If it matches the pie type and it doesn’t exceed a whole pie, they can continue flipping over cards one at a time until they either find a complete pie, or the types don’t match or the fractions total more than an exact whole pie. On failing all cards are flipped back face down and they end their turn. If the player does manage to find an exact whole matching pie they take all the cards they flipped and can take another turn.


When a player has found enough whole pies to win they win!

main rule

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