Pie Packing game


Players each get a hand of 7 cards. Determine a random starting player (who ate pie most recently). 4 cards are dealt from the deck face up to the table as four separate stacks.


On a player’s turn they must play a card down to one of the four stacks. It must match the type of pie, and it cannot exceed a whole pie. If desired they can rearrange cards already in play among the four stacks at the start of their turn, but each stack can only have one type of pie (plus Mystery) in it. If a whole pie is made in a stack all the cards in that stack are removed from play. At the end of the turn any empty stacks have a new card dealt to them from the deck. If a player cannot make a move on their turn they must instead draw a card from the deck.


The first player to empty their hand by playing cards to the table wins.


There are only three stacks in play so not every type of pie can be available.

main rule

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