Pie Matching Game


Players each get a hand of 3 cards and 3 cards are dealt face up on the table. Determine a random starting player (who had pie most recently).


On a player’s turn they must play one card down to the table. If they can match their card with cards already on the table to make a complete matching pie they can take that pie (all the cards used for it). Matches must be all the same type of pie and must total exactly one whole pie, no more, no less. Mystery pieces can count as any type of pie but count as the smallest cut available for that type (1/8 for blueberry or pumpkin, 1/6 for apple, or 1/5 for cherry). Players can rearrange any cards on the table during their turn and claim any complete pies. After their play, players refill their hand to 3 cards and they deal face up cards to the table so a minimum of 3 cards are always in play.


Play until no cards can be drawn. The player with the most completed pies wins! (or most cards if tied).

main rule

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